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LA EX90  03-07 DOB 7/22/09

G6S Normal VIA blood test and CAE Negative

Pictured as a 3yr old 

This was taken on LA day with a very full udder which caused her to arch up somewhat and not represent herself as well as the beautiful doe she really is.

Pictured as a yearling first freshener


 Of all the does on our farm we are probably the proudest of this girl. Lydia was the first doe to ever carry our herd name! We started our herd with three locally bought does. Lydia's dam, Lauren, was one of those does. Lauren was not show quality, but we bred her to our buck Beacon and crossed our fingers. Beacon was able to improve the breeding and produce this amazing doe. As a yearling Lydia was the tallest doe in our herd! So sharp in the withers, excellent angulation and width and so deep in the barrel. She is one powerhouse of a doe with wonderful breed character. Lydia was growing so well as a kid we bred her to kid as a yearling and wow, what a mammary system. While Lydia's dam did have a really good mammary, Beacon was able to improve it. She is high and wide in the rear, has perfectly placed teats and milks out completely. Her udder definitely comes from her Beacon's dam, Redeema. It is going to be a pleasure to watch this doe continue to mature!  Lydia is currently milking over 17lbs (2 gallons) a day at 3 weeks fresh. 

 Pictured as a 10 mo old kid 

Pruittville's Isabelle 

G6S Carrier


2  Champion Legs   LA 88 VEVV 01/09




Pictured as 2 year old first freshener





Pictured as a dry yearling

 Isabelle is a very flashy doe that we are thrilled to have in our herd.  Issy is very sharp in the withers, has nice tight shoulders and is smoothly blended throughout. She has great angulation and width between the hocks.  We were thrilled this year with her first freshening. Her mammary system is high and tight with a strong medial suspensory ligament.  Her teats are a good size with near perfact placment.  Her capacity is excellent, milking completely out to a buttery soft texture.  



 The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Clover has to be her exceptional body capacity. It takes some does years to acheive good body capacity, she was born with it.  She is wide in the rump and between the hocks where her lovely mammary system sits.







Another fine example from the lines we started our herd from. Snickers has earned her keep in the milkroom as an excellent brood doe with textbook manners. Sadly, at 9 weeks old, she broke her cannon bone and had to be splinted for an extended period which caused some foot growth alignment issues which prevented her from being shown. Aside from that, she milks well from a beautiful, well attached mammary system. She is structually correct with an absolutely sweet temperament. 





 Lonestar Sky Wild Honeysuckle