Lonestar Sky Dairy Goats

Reference Animals


      *B Price O The Field Silver King  

 DOB 3/12/08 


 Silver King's Dam GCH 1*M Price O the Field Katy Karissa


Silver King is a beautiful black roan with frosted ears. He is very sharp in the withers with a high and wide escutcheon. He has excellent ribbing with very pliable skin.

Pictured is his Dam, GCH 1* Price O The Field Katy Karissa at 7 years old. Her Linear Appraisal score at 8 years old was 92 EEEE. WOW.  She has impressed judges with her long, flat and level rump with the ability of her udder to milk out very well. Because of this, She earned a Best Udder in Show out of 180 does. She is pictured dry and photo will be updated when she freshens. Photo is courtesy of Mrs. Barbara Rissler of Price O The Field Nubians.

Well it appears that Silver King's first crop of kids is everything we hoped for.  We originally only planned to keep 3 kids but just had to keep 6!!  They are soooooo nice.  Three words can be used to describe them, sharp, angular and dairy.  Their first show of the season they earned 1st place Junior Get of Sire!!

2010 Show Season

1 x 1st place Junior Get of Sire 



Silver King has been sold to another TN farm and we hope that they will be as pleased with his progeny as we have been.  We look forward to freshening the 6 daughters that remain in our herd.


Progeny:  Harry, Bit o Honey, Snickers, Milky Way, Clover, Paulina, April and Daisy Dukes


Miss Katya      1 Champion leg

Ileen x Beacon




Miss Paulina

DOB 3/17/10

Ileen X Silver King


Steel Magnolia 


pictured at 3mos 



 Price o the Field Lady Redeema

   LA 88 VVVE   05-04           Born 3/29/05



Price o the Field Miss Ileen 

             LA 86  V+VV            Born 3/08/07








DOB 3/16/10

1 Champion Leg 






























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