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 Nubians    Plans for 2015 Kiddings

 Dam Sire Due Date kidding Date Does Bucks Reserved Available
 LydiaAI SGCH Price O The Field Royal Marcus 4/27   1 doe, 1 Buck  
 IsabelleAI Price O The Field Royal Marcus 3/12   All RsvdNothing
 Chestnut Price O The Field Silver King
Fudge Sundae
CH Price O The Field Beacon
 4/7   1 doe
Brownie Blast
AI Price O The Field Royal Marcus 4/28    1 doe
 CH Price O The Field Beacon 3/28    1 doe
Black Walnut


 We are now accepting deposits on 2015 kids. Also please look at the bottom of this page for a listing of any more mature does/bucks that may be available. 

- We require a $100.00  deposit to reserve your animal.  We do not hold animals without a deposit. The balance is due in cash the day of pick up or by check 10 days prior to pick up.  If the kid from the breeding of your choice is not available,  you then have the option of applying the deposit towards another breeding or receive a refund on your deposit. Your satisfaction is important to us.

- Discounts are available for return clients, multiple purchases and people who show or participate in Linear Appraisal.

- If you are interested in a breeding please contact us using the contact info at the bottom of the page.

- All kids will remain on our farm until we are confident they are healthy and strong. Pre-ordered kids will be bottle raised on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk.  Kids will be shipped out or picked up by 3 weeks of age. If you prefer us to wean your kid for you, please indicate this in your inquiry. If shipping, Lonestar Sky provides a simple health certificate. All costs associated with shipping, (i.e. crate, fare, fuel) are the responsibility of the buyer.

- We attend all births to ensure our kids get off to a proper start.   Our herd is CAE/CL/Brucellosis/TB negative. We blood test for CAE/pregnancy confirmation after all does are bred. Results available on test results page. Pre-ordered animals will be fed heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk.

-All kids are vaccinated, tattooed and disbudded.  All kids are managed with a strict cocci prevention program. Chemical worming is done when necessary based on fecals.

In order to maintain the level of management and care we wish to provide our herd it will be necessary for us to keep our numbers low.  Periodically we offer milkers, usually in the Spring.  These animals are all healthy, productive and disease free, we just can't keep them all. If you are interested in any of these animals please contact us.

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 Email:  MarlaCzaplinski@lonestarskydairygoats.com

 Phone:  615-735-7162